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    Unanswered: Check number of times of Login failure

    Hi, I want to count the times of login failure in Oracle Forms. Normally, when the LOGON(username, password) method fail to login, it will prompt the logon screen and ask the user to login again, I don't want the logon screen pop up after the user login fail but count the number of times he login fail, what should I do to make it?

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    Re: Check number of times of Login failure

    I can't remember all the details, but we did that on a Forms project a few years ago. As best I recall we overrode the ON-LOGON trigger so that the normal logon screen is not displayed. Instead, we displayed our own login form which had our own logic (e.g. forced password changes), and which then logged the user in by calling the LOGON built in.

    Note that the LOGON built-in has an optional 3rd parameter: logon_screen_on_error. Set this to FALSE and it won't display the normal logon screen again after an error.

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