Firstable I beg excuses for my english.
I explain you my problem. I hope there will be anyone who can help me :-)
I can't execute
my $sth_proc = $dbh->prepare("call
$sth_proc->bind_param(1,$LOG IN_NAME);
$sth_proc->execute() or die "Can't do:" , $dbh->errstr(),"\n";
He says me the next message:
Can't do:[IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/LINUX] SQL10013N The specified library
"/msys/dbhome/db2inst1/sqllib/function/db2inst1.insert_resource" could
not be loaded.
The strange thing is that I can call the stored procedure from the
command line with db2 "call insert_resource(...)" and everything works well. I can also do from my PERL script system ("call \"db2inst1.insert_resource\"") and it works
When I do from the command line db2 "invoke insert_resource", I have the
same error message.
There are any environment variables I could have forgotten (there will be millions)?
Thank you very much in advance...