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    Unanswered: Scaning Images and Linking to records

    I have a form that records info from a Work Order at the time a work order is completed. I want to scan some documents that travel with the work order and have them linked in Access as part of a "paperless" initiative at my company. My goal is to be able to base a report on the scanned documents as well as the data captured in the form.

    Do any of you have experience doing something like this? Any Ideas on how I could approach this?


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    Re: Scaning Images and Linking to records

    depends.... if you want fully automated process and if you really want to use MS ACCESS, then

    1. start with TWAIN ActiveX components
    you want to hit one button in Access and scan a page

    there are some cheap and fee activex components - search google

    2. save the picture to some folder and store the name in the table

    3. anytime you open workorder, you open subform with links to pictures... you can let's say on double-click open the picture in Internet Explorer....


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