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    Cool Unanswered: ie script error in a data acess page

    has anyone used data access pages over an intranet?

    i have a page for which i want to add some functionality by creating an automatic email-i have gone the command button route but for some reason i cannot get the script to not error out.
    from what i have read i should be able to just use the sendObject with the docmd but i receive mutiple errors indicating object required or cannot create object etc. i sense there is something else not right-any clues?
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    I don't use DAP, but.... isn't DAP pure HTML with VBScript? So it can work even on PC without MS Access? Of course you have to have all data ActiveX components you used on that page on your pc and they can be legally installed with Office2000 only (OfficeXP is different and you can install them separatelly).

    so I guess any MS ACCESS (not VBScript) function has to be called as part of MS ACCESS OBJECT (if you really need to call it) - use CREATEOBJECT .....

    this code will work in any HTML page as well as VBScript or any other VB engine (Excel, ...) if you have installed MS Access on your PC of course

    Set objAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application")
    Set objAccess = Nothing


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