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    Unanswered: Obvious Newbile Question--How do I create a variable within SQL?

    I'm making an online Quiz and I have a table with a list of Category names associated with CategoryIDs that remains static.
    Another table collects data associated with these categories, and in addition to the data, contains the CategoryID for the data.

    I want to populate the select options of a drop down menu with the Categories NOT YET ENTERED for a specific Quiz. I have a form which posts to itself.

    SQL 7, ASP Javascripting goin' on.

    I did some more looking around yesterday and came up with something that works, I just have to determine how to create a variable in SQL and then pass the CaseStudyID from an ASP page...

    tblDetailCaseStudyCategory.intDetailCaseStudyCateg oryID,
    FROM tblDetailCaseStudyCategory, tblCaseStudyData
    WHERE (tblDetailCaseStudyCategory.intDetailCaseStudyCate goryID NOT
    (SELECT intCaseStudyCategory
    FROM tblCaseStudyData
    WHERE intCaseStudyID = 69))

    Can anyone help with this?

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    Are you using a recordset object in your asp code to loop through to create the options ? Since you have a form that posts to itself, you can use that to pass the id that you need to populate the listbox - that loops through the recordset.

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