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    Unanswered: Using SQL 2000 at home

    I have microsoft SQL 2000 installed on my PC at home. I am doing a final year project and intending to use SQL rather than Access(I need not go into my resaons!).

    However when I am using Enterprise Manager, I am unable to register a server. I have a list of three servers to choose from: (1)"OEMCOMPUTER" my computer name, (2) "." and (3)"local". If I choose "local" and click on next I choose to log on using the SQL Server Authentication. Then for the Login Name I use "sa" and nothing for the password, which I believe is ti be correct. Then I add the SQL Server to an existing SQL Server group called "SQL Server Group". Then when I proceed to finish I get the error message

    Status: LOCAL - SQL Server does not exist or access denied. ConnectionOpen(Connect())

    I am presuming that it is that "access denied" part that applies to me. I am almost 100% sure that I did not change the default username passwords from the setup (if you can do that at all!). Is it possible to use SQL from home connecting to your local (PC) server or do i need to reinstall SQL 2000?

    Don't know if this maked any difference but I upgraded from SQL 7.0. However the same applied to for this earlier version.


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    Re: Using SQL 2000 at home

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