hi all
can anyone tell me how to pass arrays as arguements to other prel scripts?
I am caling various perl scripts from inside anoher perl script. As long as i pass it regular variables it works but as soon as i try and pass an array element like @para below it gives me the following error:

The sntax of the comand is incorrect.

I dont know why this is as i though even arrays cud be passes as args.! please help n leme know if thrs nething rong with my syntax.thnx a lot

my calling syntax tht is giving error:

system("perl \"c:/Perl/BCR/insert.pl\" @para $val6 $val4");

it works fine if i say:
system("perl \"c:/Perl/BCR/insert.pl\" $val6 $val4");

is it because only 2 args are allowed or actual syntac for passing arrays is something else?

thnx a mill in advance reply asap with any sugestions!