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    Unanswered: system tables


    yesterday i transferred all my tables from one server to another one, now I have 2 (dumb?) questions about it:

    1. Those irritating system tables show up again in the tables display,
    how do i hide those system tables again? can't seem to find the toggle anymore, on the other server it's not visible (the entire master db is hidden unless you connect from another computer to it)

    2. is it normal that all my tables that have ID fields with identity set to YES are set to NO after the expert (on the destination server)

    any info would be appreciated.

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    In EM, right click on server name and select "Edit SQL Server Registration Properties...", then uncheck "Show system databases and system objects.

    No, What method did you use to transfer the schema?
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    1. solved. thanx!

    2. i did a plain export from server A -> server B

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