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    Unanswered: Deletes in a 24 x 7 environment

    I am running a cashier scan card operation that must be up and running 24 hours , seven days a week (MVS 390 environment). The third party software writes to a log every 2 seconds. I am currently storing data since last Oct 2002. I want to keep only the last 7 days of log data. Anyone have a suggestion on how I can mass delete the data - without locking the operation and how I can run a job daily that keeps onle the last 7 days of log data. THANKS in advance

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    Can you mention a bit details of where exactly you store the data.

    Anyway you can have a procedure for this which will check for the data after say a timestamp value which is a week prior to the timestamp you want to run the procedure, so that only the week's data will be copied.

    May be if you give some details, it will be more helpful to provide a soution as well.


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    Deletes in a 24 x 7 environment

    You could schedule a job weekly that does a REORG TABLESPACE with the DISCARD option (the DISCARD option deletes the rows that meet a given condition). The problem is , that the DISCARD option only works with SHRLEVEL NONE and SHRLEVEL REFERENCE (no online REORG).

    Rodney Krick

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