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    Red face Unanswered: Sybase 12 ODBC failure connecting to 12.5

    I'm using Sybase 12.5 Adaptive server. The client machines are using the odbc drivers from the 12.0 adaptive server installation... When connecting to the 12.5 DB the 12.0 doesnt take in a port.

    While for the clients machines running the 12.5 installation (odbc client) everything works fine. and a user can connect to the database by specifying server name and port number...

    Basically Is there anything that can be done to use the adaptive 12.0 client to connect to the 12.5 db server?


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    The 12.0 ODBC should be able to connect to the 12.5 server with no problems. My guess is that it is some form of configuration error - though I don't know much about ODBC...


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