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    Question Unanswered: SQL Triggers on iSeries

    Our group is just starting to use SQL triggers on our AS/400 tables. If there is a problem with a trigger in production, how can our support people tell what table the trigger is attached to if all they know is the name of the trigger program? Is there a command to display this information? I have tried DSPPGMREF and DSPPGM, but neither of these give that file the trigger's attached to. Do they just have to go to the SQL source to see the table name there?

    Thanks for any information.

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    Re: SQL Triggers on iSeries

    On DB2 on Unix, I see a view SYSCAT.TRIGGERS , col names TABSCHEMA and TABNAME to know the detail you are looking for ...

    I'm not sure the equivalent of it on AS/400, though I'm pretty confident, you will have something similar ..



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    Ok, it's a bit too late to answer, anyway... in my iSeries, I found the views "XXX.systriggers", where XXX is some library name. Each view lists all the triggers of that library.

    I don't know wheter that is a standard, or it works just for some libraries.

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