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    Unanswered: VB ADO Cursor Problems

    hello, i've inheritted a bunch of bad code that i wish i had time
    to rewrite and am having some problems with the cursortype of a recordset.

    i have a modular level recordset that the old programmer repeatidly opens and closes the recordset rather requery.

    i have found that the cursor type changes from keyset to forwardonly when he issues a .open

    there is no where in the code that the recordset is programmatically changed to have a forwardonly cursor.

    has anyone seen this? what can i do to force it to be a keyset?

    the value of the cursortype before the .open is 1 but immediately following the open its switched to 0.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    I am assuming you are using ADO.

    ADO will automatically change the cursor type if the one requested is not supported by the provider or is invalid.

    For instance, if a Keyset cursor is requested it will be changed to a Static cursor if the cursor location is Client side (sqloledb provider).

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