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    Unanswered: Updating TCP network library


    I'm trying to update the tcp network library (DBNETLIB.DLL) on a computer (Windows XP) that is running the SQL client utilities.

    The version was 8.0.341
    After applying the SP3, i'm still with the 8.0.341 although i know some friends are using version 8.0.528 (Windows 2000)

    Any idea ?

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    when you install SQL2000 sp3, MDAC 2.7sp1 is automatically installed (it's part of SP).

    try the newest MDAC 2.7 update is 2.70.9001.0 you can get it here

    81.9001.0 part of MDAC 2.70.9001.0
    8.0.528 version is part of MDAC 2.62.7400.1
    8.0.341 is WindowsXP version ...


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