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    Question Unanswered: data management tools

    Hi All,

    I have to get some opinions on a tool called DB2 Recovery Expert and some related tools, like Db2 Log Analysis Tool and Db2 Object Restore to decide whether we get them or not.

    We´re running DB2 UDB V7.2 Fixpak 7 on an aix box V4.3.3

    Have you heard anything about them? Are they accurate? Do they work fine for a non-distributed environment? And I would like to know what are your opinions on these tools having you worked with it or not.

    Thanks in advance,
    Fernando Ohana

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    We have not tried it yet, but when we got the
    new 8.1 CDs (via passport advantage), they included trial versions of the Recovery expert, Performance Expert, High Performance Unload, Web Query tool, and the Table Editor. I can find links to download the trials for Table Editor and Web Query tool from DB2 developer domain, but I have not found any for the rest but they all come with the UDB developers edition.



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    table editor

    I downloaded a trial version of the table editor ,but just with most IBM tools it is a pain to work with. Editing data (and more) work quite nicely with WinSql which is free if you use the lite version !!!!!!!!
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