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    Post Unanswered: how to open an Access ADP file with code

    I'm wondering if it is possible to open an Access Data Project (ADP) file with code. I am familiar with opening an MDB file with code using

    Set mdb = DBEngine.OpenDatabase([mdb file path])
    Set rs = mdb.OpenRecordset([tblname], dbOpenDynaset)

    How can I write the code to open the ADP file?

    Originally, I was using 2 MDB files. 1 for hold the tables, and the 2nd to hold the forms and reports and the like. I was linking the tables from the 2nd mbd to the first. I have since converted the 1st mdb to an ADP file which connects to SQL server but I am now unable to connect db 2 to the 1st one. Any ideas?


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    Re: how to open an Access ADP file with code

    Someone correct me if I am wrong as I have not spent much time working with ADP. My understanding is that the tables in an adp are not stored in the access file itself but in either SQL Server or MSDE (SQL Server "Lite") as an MDF file.

    So to answer your question: Your backend MDB is now an mdf in your SQL Server and the ADP is now your frontend. Put all the forms, reports, modules etc into the ADP itself.

    Does that make sense? Am I missing something?

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    Post Re: how to open an Access ADP file with code

    Since I am hardcoding the data storage to find the tables on another MDB, how can I code it to store to the tables within the ADP?

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