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    Post Unanswered: RE: Using Wildcards

    Is it possible to use wilde cards in php...???

    what i wish to do is cut out all the cr*p between hyperlinks and though something like this might work

    $GooglenewHTML = str_replace("</a>*<a>", "</a>\n<a>", $Googlehtml);

    What i'm trying to do ultimatly is create a meta search engine (i.e. a search engine that gets it's results from other search engines) and am struggling... so if any one know of a sample code i can use this would be ace.

    But help on the wild card problem or another way to strip out just hyperlinks would be gratefully taken.


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    create a fonction that read the string, search for the first <a> to the first </a> get the string inside, cut your string, ....

    i don't think you have other solution in php.

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    You're going to want to look at regular expressions for what you're doing. Have a look at the following functions:

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