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    Unanswered: help about the ibm db2 help ...

    read on the ibm db2help

    "Configuring Named Pipes on the Client

    This section assumes that Named Pipes is functional on the client and server workstations. See Software Requirements for the communication protocol requirements for your platform. See Possible Client-to-Server Connectivity Scenarios for the supported communication protocols for your particular client and server.
    Note: This protocol is only supported on Windows 32-bit operating systems."

    Does it mean that only windows client can connect to an external db2 server :| ? or does exist another solution to connect linux client to an external (windows 2000 for example) db2 server ?

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    I ask you this question because when I try to connect to an external db2 server, it returns me the error
    "SQL10012N An unexpected operating system error was received while loading the specified library "libddcs.a". SQLSTATE=42724"

    does anyone know anything about it ?

    thks for your answer

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