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    Unanswered: RandG in Delphi programming


    I have to use a Gaussian distribution in my program.
    I wanna use the RandG function.

    Is it true, that this function returns a pseudo-random number ?
    If yes, is this function then usable to make a Gaussian distribution ?



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    Re: Psuedo Random Numbers

    ALL Random Number generators in ANY programming language are _at_best_ "psuedo random number generators". There is no such thing as a "true" random number generator on a computer and there never has been.

    As to using it for a Gausian Disrobution, if you know how to specify/generate the distrobution from a "Random Number", then assume the RN generator to be valid and set up your code. Then do some testing on the seed you use to generate the RN's and don't use a "bad seed". That's the best you can hope for.
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