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    Unanswered: Usage Analysis for cubes rebuilt every day

    I'm trying to get an idea of the usage of our cubes, but they are rebuilt every day, so the log files get flushed every day. Do you have any ideas about how to collect up usage data for an extended period. For example, I thought of capturing the log files daily, then concatenating them together prior to analysis, but I can't find the location or name of the log files. Also, I don't know if there would be file format issues doing that. Any ideas?

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    LOG Mixture...

    What you told is easier to write than doing.
    LOG structures are not phisically appendable just like that.
    You can start with a backup from production db and restoring with move to a test environment via EM or BACKUP in QA, and then restoring subsecuent log backups one by one or various at once via EM or RESTORE command in QA.
    Check for BACKUP and RESTORE explanations in BOL.

    Hope this helps,

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