We have a English version of SQL 2000 Server (SP1) on a Mulit Lingual version of Windows 2000 SP1.

I have downloaded the english version of SQL2000 SP3, but when I try and install it, I always get an error message stating unable to validate password.

I can logon into the database with the SA account and appropriate password, I have tried:
1. re setting the password
2. Switch Windows 2000 Locale to English
3. Installing the Korean version of SQL2000 SP3 - This reports wrong language

I am currently building an indentical system but with only the UK locale to see if the Korean locale is causing my issue.

I am also re building by Korean Ops test box and will try W2K SP3, before applying SQL 2000 SP3

Has anyone come accoss this before?


Rob Langley