here is an example of the end of a SQL statement that I need to convert. the SELECT clause is irrelevant (it was just too much to post).

i am kind of lost on what to do with the outer joins that i have on a table to a particular field for example ---- fax.gctyp(+)='FX'


gnams gnamsOffices,
offices offices,
offmls offmls,
phones phone,
phones fax,
Addresses addresses,
gnams gnamsMgr,
phones mgrPhone,
phones asstMgrPhone
gnamsOffices.namid=offices.namid AND
offices.namid=phone.namid(+) AND
offices.namid=fax.namid(+) AND
offices.namid=addresses.namid(+) AND
offices.OffCo > 0 AND
offices.offco=offmls.offco(+) AND
offices.offno=offmls.offno(+) AND
gnamsOffices.NamTyp='IO' AND
phone.gctyp(+)='PH' AND
(phone.publish='y' OR phone.publish='Y' or phone.publish is null) AND
fax.gctyp(+)='FX' AND
addresses.GCCode='BUS' AND
mgrPhone.gctyp(+)='PH' AND
asstMgrPhone.gctyp(+)='PH' AND
offices.Prod_Admin='P' AND
offices.status='A' AND
offices.mngr_nameid=gnamsMgr.namid(+) AND
offices.mngr_nameid=mgrPhone.namid(+) AND
offices.asst_mngr_namid=asstMgrPhone.namid(+) AND
mgrPhone.gccode(+)='201' AND
asstMgrPhone.gccode(+)='201' AND
offices.offno IN(SELECT offno FROM offcnty WHERE cnty_id=4)
ORDER BY officeName,offNo,ph_conseq,fx_conseq,mngr_conseq


i am trying to write a converter to do this for all of my code, i am just unsure how to do some of this in a processable, efficient way

thanks... travis