Hello all,
I hope somebody can help me. This to me, has been one of the hardest designes I ever had to come up with. Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated.

I have various tables for client names, food likes, food dislikes, food items, and daily menus. The end result will be creating a daily menu with primary items and substitute items, such as:

Menu 1
Steak or Chicken or Pork
Potatoes or Rice or Pasta
Milk or Coffe or Ice Tea

then creating a meal card for every client with what they will be getting based on there likes and dislikes. An example:

If the client has no likes or dislikes then they will receive the first three items:
Steak, Potatoes, Milk

If the client dislikes Steak, then the first choice will default to the second item:
Chicken, Potatoes, Milk

Or if likes exist then that would also have to override the primaries. Such as the client liking Chicken, Pasta, and Milk the database has to only pull those items for the tray card.

If anyone needs any further information please let me know, I would love it if someone could maybe create a mock database with these designs, I understand SQL, VB very well so please be descriptive in your response.

Thank You.