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    Question Unanswered: Ora-01455

    I have just created about 15 tablespaces and users corresponding among each other

    I use RMAN to perform backup with it did successfully now when I issued the command using RMAN -> list backup; -> I get this error message - > ORA-01455

    no clue why??

    Any suggestion will be appreciated

    I'm using ORACLE9i


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    hi, maybe that's a bug, what version are you using?

    just try it:

    1) Navigate to the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin of your recovery catalog


    2) Edit the file recover.bsq with an editor of your choice.

    Change the following line:

    < pieceCount_con number(2), -- backup set piece count (null)


    > pieceCount_con number(5), -- backup set piece count (null)

    3) Connect to your recovery catalog via the rman command line interface

    and run the command :

    RMAN> upgrade catalog

    (you will be prompted to enter this command twice to confirm).

    4) Rerun the 'list backup' command

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