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    Unanswered: error help:Remote access not allowed for Windows NT user activated by SETUSER


    I just install SP3 for our SQL Server 2000 yesterday.After that, I have problem using xp_sendmail.
    I have a stored procedure in Server A that getting result from Server B.
    In Query Analyzer, I can successfully execute procedure A.(exec procedure_name)
    However, if I put it in xp_sendmail command....(exec sp_sendmail email_address ,@query='exec procedure_name'),
    I got an error message saying 'ODBC error 7410 (42000) Remote access not allowed for Windows NT user activated by SETUSER.'

    But before I upgrade, that xp_sendmail works fine for more than one month.

    BTW,if in xp_sendmail, I only get result from local server, it works perfect fine.

    How can I make it work?

    Thanks in advance.

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    you can put the result of the SP into a global temp table (or permanant one) and select from that in the xp_sendmail.

    Don't have 2 sp3 systems here to see what's wrong it but praobably will tomorrow.
    Does the profiler show anything interesting?

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