hi once again..
problems problems!
sigh yet another one,,,so here goes

I am using perl script to manipulate by sybase databse. the connection etc is allmade thru the code and it reads an input sql file to execute the queries. Now my question is that is there any way to check whether the query exectuion failed apart from printing out the error messages? as in any number/value returned anywhere?
I know @@error has the eror num of the error tht occured but after contro is ranferred bak to my perl script how do i check ths value? is there a way to return ths value to my script?
if i do something like

$now=open(ISQL, "isql -S $server1 -U $user1 -P $passwd1 -w250 -i $sqlfile|") || die "Can't run isql: $!";

and check the value of $now it always has a positive value since the connection was successful...doesnt give me the value of the error if any occured..!
help me if anyone has any clues. My sql file can contain multiple queries but as long as even one fo them fails i need some sorta value to ne returned to my script so that i can either exit from my code or print an error value.

thnx fr any help in advance