I have a secure Access 2000 database and my own MDW file. What I'd like to do is read the permissions for each of my user groups for each object by using a separate db. (6 groups x ~255 objects = too many permissions to check manually)

What I tried to do was:

Dim dbSFIS As DAO.Database
Set dbSFIS = DBEngine.OpenDatabase("OpenDatabase.mdb")

If I create a new db using my MDW file I can open and read OpenDatabase.mdb just fine. However, if I close and reopen my new db I can no longer open OpenDatabase.mdb even if I use the same MDW when opening the new db.

I need to distribute my permissions reading db to several remote locations to get a base-line for the current permission setup at each location. I can't do this if my new db won't open the secure db.

Anyone have any ideas on why I can't re-open my new db and still open my existing db (OpenDatabase.mdw)? Or any ideas on a good way to generate a list of all the permissions in a db?