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    Question Unanswered: FTI population: Locking issue shutting down Full-Text Index population

    We are implementing FTI on a Linguistic SQL Server Database for performance improvement. The maximum size of database is 20 GB and there are 27 million records in the table on which we are implementing FTI. When We did a small POC with 1.2 million records, the FTI worked fine. But now with 27 million records it' giving the error messages attached in the event logs below.

    It looks like the system resources are insufficient for completing the FTI population, but can I pinpoint what is causing problem from the overall system? Can we make some firm conclusions by looking at the attached event logs?

    FYI: the free disc space on which the FTI catalogs are kept is 55GB. The SQL Server configuration is 4 processors, 4GB RAM.

    Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Hi There,

    You could always split the process by /8 or /16 different tables and then move them to the new location systematically and not all at one time.

    (ISQL/W : Select percentage 25% from blah ...?)

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