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    Unanswered: Uninstalling Sybase ASE 12.0

    I need to uninstall Sybase ASE 12.0 from a platform running Windows NT 4.0. I cannot find an uninstall option from the menu and Sybase is not listed in Add/Remove programs. I do not know the history of the installation therefore I cannot provide any clues. The normal Sybase menu is still present as are the registry entries. Is there any way to uninstall Sybase neatly without editing the registry?


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    Unistall Adaptive Server 12.0

    Here's an excerpt from the Installation Guide. However, it only deals with Adaptive Server and not with the other installed components. It would be appreciated if somebody can provide a document detailing how to completely remove all ASE 12.0 components (e.g. ServerConfig, etc.). Unsuccessful so far locating such document. Thanks!

    PS: Just registered today here, so the response is a bit late.

    Removing an Existing Adaptive Server Installation
    To remove an existing Adaptive Server and keep the other Sybase products:
    1 Shut down Adaptive Server.
    2 Turn off Automatic Server Startup in the Windows NT Services Control
    3 Shut down, then restart, the Windows NT server. Restarting the server
    releases the DLLs (dynamic link libraries) being used by Adaptive Server
    products. See Chapter 11, “Starting and Stopping Servers” for instructions.
    4 From the Windows task bar, select Start | Run, and enter regedt32 for
    Windows NT or regedit for Windows 95/98 to start the Registry Editor
    5 Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sybase\Server.
    6 In Server, delete the following keys related to the Adaptive Server that you
    want to remove:
    7 Make the following changes to this Registry key:
    \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Cont rol\Sessio
    n Manager\Environment
    Delete the settings for the Sybase variables DSLISTEN, DSQUERY, and
    SYBASE, and edit the LIB, INCLUDE and PATH registries to remove all
    Sybase-specific environment variables.
    8 Remove the following references from this Registry key:
    \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Serv ices
    • SYBSQL_<server_name>
    • SYBXPS_<server_name>_XP
    • SYBBCK_<server_name>_BS
    • SYBMON_<server_name>_MS
    Chapter 12 Troubleshooting
    • SYBHIS_<server_name>_HS
    9 Restart your computer to update the changes to the Registry.
    Note If you get an Event Viewer warning upon restart, you probably did
    not clean up all services. See the Event Viewer Application log for details.
    10 Use the Start | Control Panel | Settings | Services to verify that the Adaptive
    Server service has been removed.
    If it is still there, check the same keys for the CurrentControlSet in
    ControlSet001 and ControlSet003, and make sure you have deleted the
    specified entries from the Registry.
    11 Delete the master device and system procedures device files from the
    %SYBASE%\data directory in the Sybase installation directory.
    12 Reinstall Adaptive Server as a new server.

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