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    Unanswered: Anyone know of a good forum for discussing Notification Services

    Anyone know of a good forum for discussing Notification Services

    I had my notification services application working till last Fri. Came in on Mon to find 'SQL Slammer', since then have had problems with my NS subscriptions. On trying to add a subscription I get an error 'SELECT permission denied on object 'NSSubscribers', database 'MetricInstanceNSMain', owner 'dbo'. ' I swear this was working on Fri!

    This is my managed code .....
    Dim SubscriberSubscriptions As SubscriptionEnumeration = New SubscriptionEnumeration(nsMetricApplication, "LowMetricSubscription", "2")

    Dim Subscription As Subscription = New Subscription(nsMetricApplication, LowMetricSubscription)

    Subscription.SubscriberId = "2"
    Subscription.Enabled = True
    Subscription("SubscriberLocale") = "en-US"
    Subscription("metricdeflk_ky") = 126
    Subscription("DeviceName") = "MailDevice"

    However on the flip side, code that I had as COM Interop works

    Set nsInstance = WScript.CreateObject "Microsoft.SqlServer.NotificationServices.NSInstan ce")

    nsInstance.Initialize "MetricInstance"

    Set nsApplication = WScript.CreateObject "Microsoft.SqlServer.NotificationServices.NSApplic ation")
    nsApplication.Initialize nsInstance, "Metric"

    ' Add subscriptions
    Set nsSubscription = WScript.CreateObject "Microsoft.SqlServer.NotificationServices.Subscrip tion")
    nsSubscription.Initialize nsApplication, "LowMetricSubscriptions"
    nsSubscription.SetFieldValue "DeviceName", "MailDevice"
    nsSubscription.SetFieldValue "SubscriberLocale", "en-us"

    nsSubscription.SubscriberId = "2"
    nsSubscription.SetFieldValue "metricdeflk_ky", 126

    Anyone familair with NS should understansd what I've done above, but as I didn't have any forums to discuss, I thought I'd just post it here and hope for some solution.

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