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    Angry Unanswered: HELP!!! - Connecting to informix database...

    Hello Everyone,

    I have big informix database problem.....

    I would like to access an informix database located on a Unix box from a windows box, so that I can query info in the informix database. I have been told to use a 3rd party driver, the informix 3.81 32-bit driver can do this, as well as, the datadirect-technologies odbc informix 4.1 driver. So my first question is.... is this even possible? Every time I try to connect it says "connection refused", I have specified a user and password on the unix box. I am not sure what is wrong.

    On the unix box, named "strata" my sqlhosts file has the following line:
    strata sesoctcp strata se_tcp

    On my windows nt box these are the settings:

    services file I have added the line:
    se_tcp 1526/tcp #Informix server

    in my hosts file I have added the file
    19.72.24X.XXX strata

    I have verfied there is a tcp connection by pinging strata, and i am able to get replies. Thus, I am connected.

    My settings in the Datadirect driver are:

    DataDirect Informix 4.1 Driver Settings:

    General Tab:
    Data Source Name: Test Connection
    Description: Informix Connection
    Database Name: strata

    Connection Tab:
    Database list: <blank>
    Default User Name: <username>
    Hostname: strata
    Service Name: se_tcp
    Server Name: strata
    Protocol Type: sesoctcp

    Advanced Tab:
    Cursor Behaviour: 0-Close
    Cancel Detect Interval: 0-None
    Enable Insert Cursors: unchecked
    Get DB List from informix: checked
    Application using threads: checked
    Trim Blank From index name: checked

    When I click test connection it always says: attept to connect to database server (strata) failed, connection refused. Is there something else i need to do on the unix end aside from specifying the sqlhost file. User permissions, installing something else, etc??? I have tried just about everything.

    If there is anyone out there who could help.. with anything... for the love of all creatures great and small, please reply to this post.

    Thanks in advance!!


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    Hi Joe,

    first thing to do... Relax...

    couple of questions though...

    what is the Informix database Version?
    and what is the Unix platform.

    Althought the answers to these question are not really required to answer your posting, they are just nice for completeness...

    You are definately on the right lines with the requirement for an ODBC Driver, however there are a few alternatives out there to data direct drivers, for instance have you heard of OpenLink?

    Have a look at

    can you install 3rd party software on the Unix Platform? If so I recommend installing the OpenLink Multi Tier components, at least if you hit problems you will receive better errors to work with other then "connection failed"

    If not then Single Tier is the option for you, but you will need the Informix Client networking layer installed on the client machines using the Driver.

    Multi Tier comprises of a Server and Client installation. The Server installation is made up of a Request Broker and a database Agent (these are the important bits anyway). The Client is the ODBC Driver.

    the way it works is you create your DSN as normal on the Client machine but the connection goes via the OpenLink Request broker, this eliminates the need for the Informix Client Networking.

    With minor configuration required on the Server installation of OpenLink such as setting the following variables.

    (these are set in a specific file called oplrqb.ini which is the rulebook for the Request Broker).

    It may sound confusing, but once you have it installed, should you choose to install it. Then everything should become clear... If not, just post here again or contact OpenLink support directly, and we will get you up and running as quickly as possbile.




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