Hi All,

I've written a user interface screen with a MSSQL 7 database backend. In my code I have an insert that takes place and the code for connection and the insert is below....

Set NAR_Db = DBEngine.OpenDatabase("NAR", False, False, "ODBC;DSN=NAR;UID=fintest;PWD=fintest;NAR")
Set BusinessRs = NAR_Db.OpenRecordset(BusTable, dbOpenDynaset)

SQL$ = "INSERT Business(NameID, CoName1, CoName2)VALUES(6767, 'Company Name', 'More Names')"

Set BusinessRs = NAR_Db.OpenRecordset(SQL, dbOpenSnapshot, dbSQLPassThrough)
Set BusinessRs = NAR_Db.OpenRecordset(BusTable, dbOpenDynaset)

Now I have also written a Trigger on the Residential Table that resides on the database. Now this insert should activate the trigger which then trigger then does its own insert on a another server that is linked to it.

When the Vb application goes to do this it fails with the error 'OBDC-Call Fail'. The vb code is ok a when I remove the trigger it works and also if the trigger does an insert to another database on the same server, however it fails when communicating to another server entirely.

So it leads me to believe that it seems to timeout as completing the whole transaction including the triggers is around 20 secs. In my vbcode can I increase the time taken to complete the insert?? Or is there other parameters to allow for this??