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    Question Unanswered: Export report to MS Word with lines and images???


    I'm trying to export a MS Access Report to a .rtf file using DoCmd.OutputTo but the .rtf document created don't have any lines or images in it. I need these lines and images because the .rtf document must have a header with company logo and so on.

    Can anyone help me with a solution?

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    The export filter will produce a basic rtf-file from your Access-report, that's why all graphics are lost in conversion.

    Consider three alternatives:

    1) print your report to a pdf-file;

    2) study pro's and con's of the Access Snap-shot format. Not used frequently I guess, since the receiver of the snapshot report needs to have the free snapshot reader installed;

    3) Study a mailmerge to bookmarks in Word from within Access. The graphics will be in the Word document/template, that is filled with data placed in bookmarks. Discussed on this forum before, search on entry:
    "Automately updating Word file based on Access data"


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