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    Unanswered: SQL Default value Error

    Hi All,
    I have a strange problem with SQL. I have set the default value for a Column ONLINE in my table as 1(type is bit).

    When I open the table and insert a row, omitting the value for ONLINE SQL fills a 0 for that column.

    But when I close the table and open it again there is a 1 on that field.

    But my concern is, when i'm using a frontend to access the database, and if i do a read immediately after an insert will I see a one or a ).


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    I have noticed this behavyour before when directly editing a table via the EM or "Open" form QA's object browser.

    The simple test for you would be to use an insert statment to insert some data and then a select statment to retrieve the inserted data as this will simulate what an external application will see when interacting with your DB.
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