Full-time Oracle 9i DBA
Cleveland Ohio
70-80K based on experience

Supports the staff by maintaining the physical and logical Oracle databases during product development and deployment. Responsible for installations, upgrades and applies patches to databases running on Unix and
Windows/2000. Performs database maintenance activities, such as
partitioning, index reorganization, and transporting tablespaces. Performs
database security and user management activities, including defining and
managing users, policies and roles. Performs backup/recovery management
activities, including defining, testing, implementing and managing backup
and recovery policies and procedures. Performs performance tuning and
troubleshooting against Oracle databases. Assists with logical data modeling
and data architecture design.

Experience requirements: Minimum 5 years experience as an Oracle DBA in
development, test and production environments on Windows NT/2000 and Unix
platforms. Background in SQL, PL/SQL, Transact-SQL, batch/shell scripting,
Oracle import/export, SQL Server bcp, and Oracle SQL Loader utilities.
Minimum 2 years experience with high availability database solutions, such
as Oracle Standby Database, Oracle Advanced Replication, Oracle Parallel
Server, SQL Server Federated Databases and SQL Server Standby Server.
Minimum 3 years experience with database management and monitoring software, such as Oracle Enterprise Manager and SQL Server Profiler.
Must have Oracle 9i experience.

Resume should reflect as many of the mentioned skills listed above, and the experience should be recent.

Unable to sponsor visa’s

No relocation assistance is available.

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