I am admittedly a DB2 rookie, so perhaps I shouldn't whine that violently, but I am seriously disappointed.
I decided that inheritance would be nice for my schema.
I ONLY wanted inheritance, no REFs and stuff. Coming from Informix I thought this would not be too much trouble.

The first thing I had to find out was that I will have to create object identifiers for myself, i.e. the application would have to know about them. Using the generate_unique()-function would make this easy, but it will have to be in all my INSERT-statements and make the application less portable, as it appears to be DB2-proprietary.
I wanted to habe a conventional primary key, preferrably an auto generated one. While it was no problem to have one in a not-type table, it seemed impossible to do in the WITH OPTIONS of a typed table. And accessing the system-generated key would require calling another DB2-specific function.

Is anyone really using any OR-features of DB2?