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    Unanswered: SQL Server vs. MySQL

    Hi guys!
    I need help selecting database application.
    I am new to databases and have a hard time desiding which one to use MySQL or SQL Server or any other for that matter...
    What i need to do:
    I am developing a system for a videostore. There will be a website and in-store application that will interact with the database. Website will be used to check availability and book movies.
    Any advise on what database to use is welcome...
    Obviously, cost is an issue

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    well mysql is free so if cost is an issue ...

    SQL server gives more facilities and will be more efficient for a well designed system.

    But if you are asking this question you probably don't have much experience at either so are unlikely to build an efficient system.

    Have you thought about the architecture and languages to use?

    I usually recommend sticking with what you know as building a system to fit the products will usually end up with a better system than building on better products of which you have no experience.

    Suggest you get some help from someone who knows about databases and can design the structure properly and teach you as he goes along.

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