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    Unanswered: UPDATE statement in SQL for access dbase

    Hello there,

    I am trying to update my msaccess database table called Merlot via asp page I'm creating in frontpage...I'm new to hand coding the sql and am getting the SYNTAX ERROR ON UPDATE STATEMENT message..

    This is the sql statement I'm using - note that these fields that are displayed for updating come from a custom query in a previous page (I'm using the WHERE statement to identify the record to update)

    s-sql="UPDATE Merlot SET CardRecordID='::CardRecordID::', LastName='::LastName::', FirstName='::FirstName::', Salutation=':alutation::', AddressLine1='::AddressLine1::', AddressLine2='::AddressLine2::', AddressLine3='::AddressLine3::', City='::City::', Country='::Country::', Phone1='::Phone1::', Phone2='::Phone2::', FaxNo='::FaxNo::', Email='::Email::', Notes='::Notes::', CustomersSalesValue='::CustomersSalesValue::', DateofReferral=':ateofReferral::', Whomadethereferral='::Whomadethereferral::', Whodidtheyrefer='::Whodidtheyrefer::', SalesValueOfReferal=':alesValueOfReferal::', GiftType='::GiftType::', DateGiftSent=':ateGiftSent::', Area='::Area::', DateofQuote=':ateofQuote::', FollowupDate='::FollowupDate::', DateAccepted=':ateAccepted::', WHERE Phone1='::OldPhone1::'"

    Can anyone help ??? Am I on the right forum ??

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    comma in front of the WHERE keyword


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