I am using the following code to export data to excell:

location_filename = DLookup("Default_Dir", "[Table:_PCRKMS_User_Defaults]") & "\" & DLookup("Default_Name", "[Table:_PCRKMS_User_Defaults]")

If DLookup("count(*)", "output") >= 42289 Then
Dim errmsg As String
errmsg = MsgBox("You have selected to much detail to output to Excell, please select fewer Coloumns", vbOKOnly, "To Much Detail To Export To Excell")
ElseIf DLookup("count(*)", "output") < 64000 Then
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "output", acFormatXLS, location_filename, True
End If

Baiscaly i look up the location that the user wants, then check to see if ecxell will support that amount of rows and then us the docmd.outputo command to send it to excell. This works flawlessly with all of my end users but one....This one end user only gets excell to open no blank document, no data. Im thinking that he may have an addin that could be causing this or he is missing a dll. The big question is that excell works fine for him normaly...Any sugestions?