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    Hello All,
    I have recently joined a job as a DBA for DB2. I have two years of experience developing e-commerce type of applications with Oracle and DB2, but never had an opportunity and need to do administration tasks. Is there any one in this forum using ESRI's ArcSDE with DB2 UDB and Spatial Extender.

    Any of you have any suggestion as what books/sample applications will give me a thorough understanding of these DBA tasks for DB2 7.2.

    Thank you all,

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    Hello Newbie,
    I havent worked with ESRI...etc but go thru IBM Redbooks...they are free and excellent. OR Go thru the Information Center from DB2 installation on your computer OR "DB2 Complete Refence" book is one more option.

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    We have use Spatial Extenders (SE) a little, mainly to experiment
    on how to implement it. I found the SE manual very good in
    getting the system running. It is probably the best place to start.


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