I have created a Local Package on with SQL7 on an NT4 box and am having some troubles...

What this package does is simply reads in an Excel 8.0 file copies the files and then loads it into a table in the database... simple yes?

This works perfectly when you execute the package in Enterprise Manager, however, as soon as I attempt to execute this in ASP I recieve this error...

No Steps have been defined for the transformation Package.

The error is on the "oPackage.Execute()" line.

Code Follows:

Const DTSReposFlag_Default = 0
Const DTSReposFlag_UseTrustedConnection = 256
Dim oPackage, strResult
Set oPackage = Server.CreateObject("DTS.Package")

oPackage.LoadFromSQLServer "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx","xxx","xxx",,"","","","blaster_u ploaded_list"

For i = 1 To oPackage.Steps.Count
if oPackage.Steps(i).ExecutionResult = DTSStepExecResult_Failure then
oPackage.Steps(i).GetExecutionErrorInfo (lpErrorCode)
iStatus = False
strErr = oPackage.Steps(i).Name + " in the " + oPackage.Description + " failed1.<BR>"
strErr="Please make sure you uploaded an ""*.xls"" file and ""*.xls"" file contains <A HREF=""javascripttart('sample.html')"";>proper header and worksheet names of ""<b>data</b>""</a>."
'strErr=strErr&"The following error occured: " & err.description
strErr = oPackage.Steps(i).Name + " in the " + oPackage.Description + " failed2.<BR>"
end if
Response.Write strResult

if iStatus = true Then
end if

Thanks in advance for any help.