I need to modify some files on a very old machine. It has .PRG and .DBF and .FRM files. There are also couple of .com files - DBASE and DBASEOVR. I am assuming the files are DBASE II, since when i execute the DBASE.com file - it comes up with
Dbase II/86 Ver 2.4 1 July 1983

Anyway - I need to find some basic commands so i can modify some files. I cant find any documentation online! (closest i came is dbase III - but most of those commands dont work)

Also if someone knows if Foxbase or foxpro earlier versions will read these files. I think i have a copy of foxpro 2.5 or something which i can dig up.

One other thing - When i do anything in dbase - like USE, it comes up with FCB unavailable - Abort, Fail. Am i missing files or what?
Any help appreciated