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    Unanswered: Oracle, Perl DBI, Stored Procedures, and Large Deletions

    Hey all, first post here...great forum from what I've seen so far...

    I'm trying to use Perl:BI to perform a large deletion (million+ rows) from an Oracle 8.1.6 database but am running out of RBS Tablespace (DBA constraints).

    I'd like to use a stored procedure to commit every N rows, but...

    A) Don't know how to do embed commits in a stored procedure within Perl:BI
    B) Am not sure if its really wise or "good style" to commit every N rows when dealing with production data in case something goes wrong down the line of commits.

    Any recommendations on an approach?

    Note: I am using a development testbed!

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    Can you break the delete up into logical chunks?

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    I could break it up into a series of deletes...a bit more work...but it can be done.

    Does anyone have examples of commits within a stored procedure called with Perl:BI? Just so I have it for reference in the future, if I ever want/need it.


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