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    Unanswered: Ms Access (counting fields)

    Hello everyone

    I have a two tables Products and Suppliers

    in the Products table there's fields such as

    product ID , ProductName, SupplierID etc.

    and in Suppliers table i have fields such as

    SupplierID, CompanyName, CompanyAddress etc.

    What I wanna do is. I wanna make a query that creates a table that shows the number of products that a supplier Supplies.

    so something like this

    Company A - 3 products
    Company B - 2 products
    Company C - 5 products
    and so on..

    can someone tell me how to do that plz

    Thanks in Advance

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    Hi Programmer,

    You can make a select query that shows companies and their count of products like this:

    Count(Products.ProductId) AS CountOfProducts
    FROM Suppliers
    INNER JOIN Products ON Suppliers.SupplierId = Products.SupplierId
    GROUP BY Suppliers.CompanyName
    ORDER BY Suppliers.CompanyName;

    Change it to a "make table" query if you want to store this in a table, but I'd suggest you leave it as a select query, that way, you don't have an extra table hanging around that need to be updated when the data change.

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