I am attempting to copy db from eg. server_1 to server_2.

I did the following but I am a little unsure if this is the correct practice?

1. Alter database backup controlfile to trace (to backup control file). and modifed trace file.ie removed .. alter database open, recover database, etc.
2. Shutdown db on server_1 using shutdown immediate.
3. Copied datafiles, redo logs, and control files from server_1 to server_2. data

Using Oracle's create db wizard. I created a db on server_2 with the same name, paths, etc.

4. Executed the trace file on server_2
5. Now when I launch OEM everything appears to be ok.

I am getting really confused with some documentation saying to use resetlogs option until cancel.

Is what I did in the above the correct way? What is the most preferred and reliable backup solution. I have seen documentation on backup and recovery of database on the same system, but not too much with copying to remote system.

Any help would be appreciated.