i have one doubt.how to pass a java hashtable object as a "in" parameter in a stored procedure to insert
the data into the table in oracle using the hash table data by calling the procedure in a java program.
for ex i have one table in oracle called datatemp where i have two fields EID,Name. into which i want to insert the data
using procedure..i have a hash table as follows

Hashtable hEmpObj = new Hashtable();

//storing values into hashtable
hEmpObj.put(1, "abc");
hEmpObj.put(2, "xyz");
hEmpObj.put(3, "ccc");
hEmpObj.put(4, "ddd");
hEmpObj.put(5, "fff");

//retrieving values from hashtable

String eno = "";
String ename = "";

for(Enumeration enum=hEmpObj.keys(); enum.hasMoreElements()
eno = (String)enum.nextElement();
ename = (String)hEmpObj.get(empno);

can u plz show me how to write a procedure passing the hash table into it..