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    Question Unanswered: Getting Recordsets from Stored Procedure

    Hi Folks,

    How do I access Recordsets in Java from an Oracle STored Procedure.

    I know that I can return a recordset from a stored procedure in oracle through an output parameter, that contains a cursor. But how can I access that cursor in Java?

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    Unhappy Re: Getting Recordsets from Stored Procedure

    Here are the logical / code steps.

    import oracle.sql.*;
    import oracle.jdbc.driver.*;

    cstmt = conn.prepareCall("procedureName");
    //Assumiing Dates 2 parameters,
    cstmt.setDate(1, p1Date);
    cstmt.setDate(2, p2Date);
    // Third Parameter is Cursor
    cstmt.registerOutParameter(3, OracleTypes.CURSOR);

    rs = (ResultSet) ((OracleCallableStatement)cstmt).getObject(3);

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