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    Unanswered: IIS and Microsoft Access

    Hi Group,

    I have my IIS webserver outside the fire wall and my SQL Server is behind the firewall . Can IIS Still access the Microsoft Access for ASP pages, is there any security threat?
    Thank You for your Time

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    You basically open your firewall for file services (it is not just one port, it's whole set of ports - security, name resolution, ....). This is not so big issue, if you have your IIS in DMZ zone. But still....

    I think, that it is better to invest some money to nice FTP client (it's less than $40) and use FTP instead. Again open FTP only to IIS PC in DZM zone..... check this

    FTP is slower than reg. file serivces.....

    the other question is if both - IIS and internal users need access to the same MDB and if both make changes...... maybe some automatic upload to IIS server would solve your problem. Also maybe you can install SQL or MSDE on your internal server and use SQL port instead....

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