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    Question Unanswered: Usage Of DbConnectionBroker


    I am attempting to use the DbConnectionBroker from My setup is MySQL as the db, mm.mysql driver and Resin as the appserver. I am using Java and Jakarta Struts with JSPs on the front end.

    When my app starts I create a ConnectionPool class that instantiates a static DbConnectionBroker. In the constructor of my servlets I then say dbPool = ConnectionPool.getInstance, and connection = dbPool.getConnection(). I do my db "stuff" and then call dbPool.freeConnection().

    I was wondering if this is a suitable way to proceed. I am occasionally seeing errors relating to Broken Pipes but am not sure if they are related to my usage of the DbConnectionBroker.

    Any assistance would be most warmly received.

    Kind regards


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    Mysql has a database parameter for connection Timeout. This may cause Broken pipes error.

    try the following in your connect string

    where autoreconnect tries to estabilish silent db connection when a connection is timedout at mysql end.

    should work..!!

    all the best.

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    Find Alternatives

    DBConnectionBroker has not been actively updated since 2002.

    There are solid alternatives with greater user base.

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