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    Wink Unanswered: Truncating part of a zip code

    Sorry for the remedial question (after searching here and google and my pl/sql books for 30 minutes)....

    How do you truncate a record returned from a query?

    I am pulling a zip code from the database and want to get rid of the hyphen and last 4 digits. I.E. 60691-4467 ---> 60691

    I don't know why I can't find anything on something this rediculous. If anyone has any helpful links they can give me for good reference for this kind of silly stuff I'd appreciate it as well.


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    Re: Truncating part of a zip code

    The exact answer depends on your DBMS, but will be similar to this Oracle solution:

    1) Use the INSTR function to find the hyphen:
    INSTR( zip_code, '-' )
    This returns 6 in your example, and 0 if there is no hyphen

    2) Use the SUBSTR function to get just the part before the hyphen:

    To neatly handle the case where the hyphen is absent, you could do this:

    SELECT SUBSTR( zip_code, 1, INSTR( zip_code||'-', '-') - 1 )
    FROM ...

    I think INSTR may be called CONTAINS, and SUBSTR called SUBSTRING in SQL Server.

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    Re: Truncating part of a zip code

    Sorry Tony.... I am using 8i. And thank you for the suggestions!!

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    Can you use the LEFT function??

    LEFT ( character_expression , integer_expression )


    would give you what you want.

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