My hosting recently upgraded their firewall , file server
and sql server and now my existing code fails whenever
I use
then you normal ASP webpage,
with odbc and sql calls , html and

and bottom of the page, the abort procedure to produce nice error to end user
if one occurs.

' The Transacted Script Abort Handler. This sub-routine
' will be called if the script transacted aborts

Sub OnTransactionAbort()
Dim objErrorInfo
Set objErrorInfo = Server.GetLastError

Response.write "FULL ERROR DETAILS"

Response.Write("ASPCode = " & objErrorInfo.ASPCode&"")
Response.Write("ASPDescription = " & objErrorInfo.ASPDescription&"")
Response.Write("Category = " & objErrorInfo.Category&"")
Response.Write("Column = " & objErrorInfo.Column&"")
Response.Write("Description = " & objErrorInfo.Description&"")
Response.Write("File = " & objErrorInfo.File&"")
Response.Write("Line = " & objErrorInfo.Line&"")
Response.Write("Number = " & objErrorInfo.Number&"")
Response.Write("Source = " & objErrorInfo.Source&"")
Response.Write ""
then some ifs to redirect to alternative
page one specified errors.
Worked very well for 8months on their
old server using sql7 and IIS5
assume it was still Win2000 fileserver/webserver

I have reduce some of the code above.
Now they dont understand this piece of
code. But I got the code from a developer network who said was only
way to trap all errors including SQL,ODBC,JET,ASP calls.

Now my pages that use this on their new web server, firewall, SQL2000 setup

gives the following output instead of
processing and working as it used too,


ASPCode =
ASPDescription =
Category = Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server
Column = -1
Description = Distributed transaction error
File = /anypagethatdoesa-sqlserveropen.asp
Line = 44
Number = -2147168246
Source =

They seem to think its my coding.. which it is not..

it seems to me a problem with the transactional service setup
and sql setup permissions or maybe firewall blocking..

have you any clues where i can direct them to look to
so we can fix this issue cheers.